The Origin

NOBOCO is hungry, adventurous and creative. We are on the lookout for the little treasures of beauty in this world to then capture them and make them come to life. We are also dreamers, we deviate from the beaten track and try to gain new insights from people with different perspectives. We use our brains and creativity to deliver products that are worthwhile and valuable in itself. Through collaborations we aim to make things that enrich peoples lives.

We want to show people the beauty of the world around them and to tell stories that are worth telling. We believe in the endless power of creativity.

The Collective

We are a group of creative freelancers with a wide variety of skills. Together we form the North Bound Collective. Our aim is solve problems and create valuable products, and to use everyone’s perspective to come up with creative and meaningful solutions. We are passionate about what we do, and we go where our passion takes us. We are a versatile band of people and our different talents range from music production to furniture design, and everything in between.

The Company

We help companies with their journey through effective branding, engaging content and precise execution. We use transmedia storytelling to build brands that have a loyal following and are praised and respected.  We come up with unique and creative ways to make communicate what you have to say, without annoying or disregarding your potential customers. We work with an extensive network of creatives that allows us to do it all in-house, in other words, we will be there from the first step to the last.

The Collective